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Welcome to our club’s website. London     IKK     has     two     Kyokushinkai     Karate     clubs,     one     in Plumstead    (SE18)    and    one    in    Lee    (SE12).    Shihan    Mark Chambers   is   the   Senior   Instructor   at   both   clubs.   The   first   thing   a visitor   will   notice   when   entering   either   club   is   that   all   lesson   are structured   and   disciplined,   but   also   that   there   is   a   strong   feeling of unity and friendliness, with no egos or negativity. Kyokushinkai    is    a    powerful    style    of    Karate    with    a    strong emphasis    of    realistic    self    defence.    But    we    also    train    for Knockdown    full    contact    Tournament    and    light    contact    point scoring Clicker tournaments as well as also kata (forms). First    Lesson    is    free,    so    all    a    new    student    needs    to    bring    is something   to   train   in   like   Jogging   bottoms   and   a   t-shirt,   and   bring a   non   fizzy   drink.   We   accept   students   from   5   years   old   to   adult. After   the   first   lesson   the   cost   of   each   lesson   is   £6   for   children under   12   years   old,   £6.50   for   13   -   17   years   old   and   £7   for   18 years old and above. So   please   come   along   and   train,   through   Karate   training   you   can become   stronger,   fitter,   confidant,   focused,   flexible   and   be   able   to defend yourself.  
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Classes start from £6 - Children and £7- Adults. First Class is FREE.  
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